Umbrella Revolution Wall 2014

Umbrella Revolution Wall 2014
Admiralty, Umbrella Revolution 2014

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dairy Farm

Yes, so surfin' around revealed that 7-11 is run by Dairy Farm, a subsidiary of Jardine Matheson. So is IKEA.
And Wellcome. JM is one of the old big trading houses. Most made a big chunk of change with the opium biz.
Have to look about Park n Shop...they were partially with this group, too, so the LI family is only responsible for my internet headaches.
Comment pointed this out to me. And yes, Webtest, I had looked into the smart phone, which I think we may end up doing here, but thanks anyway for pointing this out again.

Again signing off for some weeks--cheers...

Friday, January 29, 2010

LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Website Delays

I have limited internet access for the next several months. I also have some account headaches--i.e. for some reason, I think I have two LinkedIn profiles. I have failed to update Twitter. Now and then I can sign onto Facebook. Even my blog here will be rather silent for a bit. I can't respond to any comments or the like because it is all I can do to get some basic email biz out of the way. I will eventually get back to all of you.

Except for you, Mr. Mainland Informant and blogger of Myth of Tianamen Square. I probably will not get back to you ever.

Nothing like a fanatical nationalist reading your blog and commenting to provoke your ire.

My professional website is not completely current either: but I have updated it with a few poems.

I hope that people do not take offense at my slow response to emails and I will be online on a regular basis once this is finally sorted. Apologies if I do not get back to your comments, invitations etc... immediately. If you need to get in touch with me and it is urgent, please contact my mobile number at 852-6302-3809 or simply bike over to my new residence at 1212 Sun Lung Wai (the white house surrounded by building rubble in the village of Sun Lung Wai which is across from Lick Hung School). I prefer face-to-face encounters. Call me a 19th century retro type.

And for people who text me--remember I don't have that texting software so I use shortcuts and bad spelling. To date, I have not met anyone in Hong Kong with a lower tech phone than I have. I don't care. I'm proud of this fact. But please don't expect me to text long messages back or any back at all unless they are marked urgent. Apologies, but I hate texting.



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Preregister for the Multicultural Local School in Mui Wo

Plans for a Multicultural Local School in Mui Wo
January 2010
News from the South Lantau Education Concern Group
Contact: Tel: 2984 8473

Update: A new school proposal submitted to the EDB
Over the last six months, a group of South Lantau parents, community leaders and concerned residents have
been working hard to secure Government agreement to open a new school in the former secondary school
premises in Mui Wo. With strong support from the community and the Heung Yee Kuk, we have now successfully
submitted a new school proposal to the Education Bureau and have been advised to make appropriate revisions.
Fundamentally, the new school will be:
- A government-subsidised English-medium secondary school
- Combining the school-based curriculum with eco-awareness and liberal studies; capitalising on the unique
cultural, economic and environmental diversity of South Lantau
- Backed by strong community involvement and support
In addition to the above, we are lobbying for the following key features:
- A multicultural school where both the Chinese and English language can be learnt as native or second
language according to individual’s ability. A third language will be offered when appropriate.
- Relocation of Mui Wo (Primary) School to upgrade its facilities and promote bilingual teaching and
Equal opportunities for the children of South Lantau – Our Goals:
- An end to the suffering of the several hundred school children who have to commute up to three or
four hours per day, feeling displaced due to lack of time with their family and friends, and struggling
to do homework, study or take up extra-curricular activities
- An economically viable education to meet the growing numbers of young families in South Lantau
- A solution to the lack of space and facilities at Mui Wo Primary School
- To optimise our children’s learning and socialising in a linguistically rich and culturally diverse
environment; and to promote mutual respect, harmony and a sense of belonging in the community.

How you can help ~ our pre-registration campaign:
- If you have a child of school age, and you would consider sending them to this
new school in Mui Wo, please complete our pre-registration form available on: or contact us (info above):
- If you know someone who might be interested, please let them know
- If you don’t have a school-aged child but want to support, please contact us.

- Our appeal for a local school that can meet the needs of our multicultural community started in 2004
when the closure of the existing school was first announced. At least four applications have been
submitted for the use of the school premises since 2006.
- Christian Zheng Sheng College has also applied to relocate to the same school premises. However, they
have been offered seventeen other sites while we only have this one proper school premises for our
community. It is the only resource which can solve the many urgent educational needs arising from the
marginalization of the South Lantau community since the early 1990s.
- Careful research by the South Lantau Education Concern Group has shown that we are a growing
population of over 15,000 residents with more than 2,500 full-time students (See By-census 2006).
Over 93% of South Lantau parents would prefer a local school for their children.
- The school we envisage would not be a re-run of the previous school. It will be a reflection of our
unique and vibrant multicultural community, in harmony with local Chinese roots.

Monday, January 25, 2010

This Love

I wait at night
for the slow boat to China.
Drink tea, scribble, empty my brain.
A day of errands:
forgettable necessary irrelevant.
A day with a child:
significant imperfect ordinary
but not ordered.
You will arrive spent; bleary-eyed, silent
trying to shut the day out.
The exchange is brief:
kiss, door close, computer on,
stretch, snack, sigh.
Facts given
nods and silence
trousers draped over a chair
I skim the paper retreat to bed. Book open.
A glass of wine. Another.
This is the rhythm of the grind.
Oh, how we grate and chafe
consumed by taxes and bills
duties and worries
clipped voices and broken wings
anger and fatigue.
And there is always this:
a desire to tip over and out
reckless and without care
abandon and escape
but we do not.
Our master is small, but demanding.
We are knowing slaves.
Even as we crumple and feel our bodies shatter
tongues cut, efforts break
we are dazzled by this flesh and light.
Yes, this child makes us sing.
With every step and word
we fall in line, hold our breath.
We will ourselves to provide and protect,
obedient until our deaths.
Dwarfed by the wonder of youth.
This love. This love. This love.

Copyright 2010 Stephanie Han

Friday, January 22, 2010

Uncontrolled Capitalism; Patriarchy; Republican backlash


PCCW has no competition. I think the title about sums it up. PCCW is the only internet provider--here at least--the whole thing is owned by the tycoon Li Ka-Shing. He also owns all the supermarkets, 7-11s and everything else. Everyone in HK gives this guy money, including yours truly. Except I am not happy about it.

Yes, can hardly get internet here--we're looking at another 3 months. And there are no internet cafes here in Mui Wo. There is no place, really, to check email at all! Try checking email in a pub. Yup. So I end up going around to various people's homes trying to check email.

It sucks.


So The Patriarchy (uhm...the entire system, really, let's face it--our current reality) plus unbridled Capitalism is the reason for my current household situation.

The Patriarchy dictates that a male earns (on average, there are exceptions) 30-40% more than women for the same job or of equal skill level. Capitalism operates in a way that neglects human needs in order to feed the corporation. Combine those two and you get a situation of the male in a household working 70-80 hours per week. Oh--unions. Unions seem like a foggy yesteryear concept. Most have been squashed or are non-existent in a place like HK or in the US.

ASIDE: Anyone who has broken up a union situation..SCREW YOU. SCAB! Your greedy actions for your own individual self have slowly eroded the rights for everyone else at that time and everyone who followed!! Don't even talk to me or mention to me that you have!

I should preface this by saying that in the past, we've had the reverse in our household, of my work hours being exceedingly long (70 hours) with, of course, the household income being 30-40% less given that the female was the primary breadwinner.

This is a basic no-win situation.

I need to move to France. Vive La France!


Republicans Who Are Trying To Squash the Healthcare Bill

Come on. The reason for the majority of personal bankruptcies in the US is healthcare costs. We are the only modern industrialized nation that doesn't have a healthcare system. It's embarrassing. It's inhumane. It's not cost-effective.

I am in CHINA for god's sake and I get better medical treatment here! Wake up, America!


(I've had enough)

HK Schooling for Expats
Interior Design/Home Repair
Scatological anything with the Under 4 set
Anything that can be reduced to a list of TO-DO items


Human Rights Issues
The Environment
Religion--with an understanding that all parties have pondered various religions and religious practices and continue to question these ideas. Blind adherents of anything please do not converse with me about this topic. Yeah, and that includes you, Existentialists.
Mui Wo Swimming Pool Season
Sociology of Intercultural relationships

OK--that about sums up my mood...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Do Not Multitask While Chopping

You will be sorry. 3 stitches and a geyser of blood later..

Hard to type, but I must comment and say the following:

1. IKEA kitchen knives are heavy, sharp, and of excellent quality.
2. Even when a 2 year old is making lots of noise, the soup must go on, and you are coughing like mad and wondering how to a) get rid of the smell of cat poo outside your front door b) if your alveoli are contracting due to the industrial pollutants in the air c) how you pulled a muscle in your right leg, do not turn around while whacking a piece of cabbage.
3. The Mui Wo Health Clinic and the HK Hospital Authority beat the hell out of the U.S. medical care system for this type of emergency treatment.

I was seen, treated and stitched for FREE by a medical doctor and two attending nurses immediately upon arrival on my bicycle with a bloody cloth diaper around my finger at around 7PM January 5 Tuesday.

I had my dressing changed on my finger for about US 2.25 (17HKD) the next day.

For some basic advice on how to run a functioning healthcare system, the bureaucrats might look to the NHS--National Health Service of the UK and HK.

Incredible, really. Better healthcare and I am in China. I told my doctor that this was great and how I was so pleased. He shook his head and said, yes, he heard in the US, no healthcare without insurance or money...hopefully things will change with the new plan. Life is hard for people here, but they can at least count on the dignity of basic medical care--for free.