Umbrella Revolution Wall 2014

Umbrella Revolution Wall 2014
Admiralty, Umbrella Revolution 2014

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Poetry Reading March 29 Th. 7-9PM City U

I will be participating in this poetry reading, please come. Wine served. Certain end time for those who need to exit, and open mike for those who have a poem...

I will be reading from my work-in-progress, nearly done collection EXPATRIATE (mostly done, some drafts of work have appeared on this website).

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Two Crazy Months

Now entering two crazy months wherein I must complete two papers I have not begun to write, though did some research...

Recent discussions about homework--often now, and in very sought after US primary schools, homework is non-existent until age 10. All that you need to teach should be able to be taught within the confines of the 7 hour day of school, especially at that age. Many educators here fail to understand that creativity and innovation emerges from time spent pondering problems and ideas, game playing, imaginary play, and not memorization.

This brings me back to my recent thoughts about the memorization of characters and how this affects the larger society. Wondering this--if written language is extremely difficult to master, does this mean that a culture negotiates the nuance of oral communication differently? Does it become more of an oral culture? And if not, is this the society's internal conflict? The supposed stress of writing, yet the near impossibility for many to have more than a basic command of the language in written form and thus, the skewed power dynamics? The relegation of the vast majority of the people to an agrarian underclass existence? If pinyin were fully adapted as a written form, what would happen?

OH, and to address the jingoistic freak who will probably write to me and send me emails about the glory of China, this observation is NOT China bashing...sigh. This is just a few of my questions about oral and written culture, memorization prioritization and how that might affect individual thought and childhood development, what makes a culture work...