Umbrella Revolution Wall 2014

Umbrella Revolution Wall 2014
Admiralty, Umbrella Revolution 2014

Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8 1997-2012

October 8, 2012

I have crafted a short story based on the post by the same name: Happy Anniversary. It will be appearing in an anthology on Expatriate Women in Asia end of 2013 so have taken off the blog post for now.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Obama 2012 in Mui Wo

Yes, 'tis the season.

There have been ways that I have been frustrated with the Obama Administration, but I also acknowledge a situation that he was given--financial collapse and a two front war. Some of my issues are to do with the US two party system and the general nature of rampant uncontrolled capitalism.

I am not sold on the joys of weird accounting practices and would have a heart attack if Keohi announced he was going to work as a banker, or worked for the American Enterprise Institute...

 Like the vast majority of people who live outside of the United States (excluding for some strange reason, expatriate Americans in Hong Kong, most in the financial services sector), I am rather incredulous that Americans would potentially pick Romney over Obama. One Australian said, "Well, Americans did pick Bush before!"

At the Democrats Abroad meeting in Hong Kong (the very small sanctuary of Americans who may actually not be held in perpetual thrall to the $$$ of China in such an overt manner and ponder its civil liberties issues) I saw the replay of the debate.
Conclusion: More mugging of the camera by Obama was in order!
Conclusion 2: Wow, incredible that Americans would believe Romney. He's like a used car salesman, a game show host, a guy who...well yeah, made the bulk of his money doing unscrupulous things financially. Slime-bag city! Never mind that he is a sexist, racist homophobe!

So my homemade sign is up. Mui Wo villagers like it. These hardened rural folks rarely like anything, like most rural folk everywhere, so hey, that tells you something. I have a feeling that they wouldn't be smiling if I put a Romney poster up...just sayin'.

And what does my son know--a future progressive? That Obama cares more about regular people and poor people. He cares more about girls and women. He thinks about people of color, about being different.  What I can't believe is how the Republican party blathers on about "values" when their values are basically discriminatory--and we're talking their political platform! Where's the Equal Rights Amendment? What happened to women holding up half the sky? Oh, yeah, that's a Maoist saying..yeah, that's right. Call me a Commie...geez. Unlike the vast majority of Asian Americans who are first generation, my parents were hard-core liberals and believed in the possibilities of a tolerant society. They constantly voted AGAINST their own personal financial interests if it was to better the greater majority of society and told me that it was their job to do so. It is MORAL to do so. Society is not built on thinking of one's own interests all the time. Society is a collective project. This is what it means to be a community. How can anyone vote against the interests of people who are less fortunate than they are? They passed this idea down to me. We're all in this together. I'm pretty sure that Keohi gets the picture...

Obama 2012