Umbrella Revolution Wall 2014

Umbrella Revolution Wall 2014
Admiralty, Umbrella Revolution 2014

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Discussions about Games of the Video Nature

Keohi: So some people have the same phone you do and they have games on the phone.
Me: Oh. My phone doesn't have room for games.
Keohi: You, you can I know. You can load it and get games. This is what XXX told me.
Me: But I don't want to play games.
Keohi: But I want to play games.
Me: But it's my phone and I use it for calls, texts, and pictures. Thats it.
Keohi: There are many games you can get on your phone. Really. OH. OK, I will ask XXX at school and then write it down on a piece of paper and so you have instructions about how to put the games on your phone.
Me: Hmmm. Well, I'm not really a game person.
Keohi: What about when I'm 7. Maybe then you'll like some games. Right?
Me: Maybe. Maybe 8. Well, maybe a Chinese game.
Keohi: There are some games, not Chinese games, that are good.
Me: I don't like games that much. They're not that good for you. And my phone doesn't have room for the games.
Keohi: But I like them. OH. You can BUY THEM. Yes, you can buy the games. Load and buy I think. And then you press the game center button.
Me: Keohi, Mommy is not going to get any games.
Keohi: Why?
Me: Because I don't want to buy any games.
Keohi: But I want to buy the games.
Me: OK, when you want to, you can go buy the games when you make money to buy the games.
Keohi: Like when I do recycling.
Me: Uhm...well, we can think about it. Can we think about it?
Keohi: It's just loading. You can do it. You can get ENGLISH GAMES. NOT CHINESE GAMES.

Monday, February 4, 2013


Ironman--December 2012. Time flies. There's actually been a shift in interests--away from Ironman and various superheroes. Keohi has embraced Ninjago. Ninjago or Ninja GO and the Spinjitsu is a marketing tie-in product bonanza. We have many Ninjago toys at our house at the present moment. It all came on the heels of Xmas. The names make no sense. Chinese names for a Japanese idea of a ninja. I've been reading a graphic cartoon -- a book for kids on the legend of Hong Kil Tong. He likes this--we read it this summer at the Memphis library.

The library in Memphis which has a much smaller Asian population readership, has a far superior children's book selection than the Hong Kong libraries when it comes to English language books with an Asian theme. Only a few of the books featuring Asian protagonists or stories in Memphis can be sourced here in HK. One would think that if learning or reading English language children's books, parents in HK or people residing here might enjoy books with an Asian protagonist or theme or setting for their kids. In the US, my guess is that giving children a literature that they can visually identify with or that helps them to understand a diverse population is also considered part of a nation building exercise. I note that English language children's books are primarily here associated with all images, people or things Western....can't get worked up about it. But you can be sure I lug books back with me every summer to supplement Keohi's reading material. It is crucial to visually see yourself represented, culturally or ethnically in literature as a child. It has a profound impact on how the self develops.


The big news of January was that the air pollution was HORRIBLE. In Beijing there were thousands, I believe 6-7000 children per day being hospitalized for respiratory illness. I got bronchitis over the holidays and part of the reason it was hard to shake was the air quality. Very upsetting. What astounds me is that the government in Beijing, or even here, doesn't really do ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Incredible. They are slowly shortening their own lives and the lives of their families. Yes, I know about air purifiers, and we run them too, but let's face it--that is not the solution and I am well aware that I am probably deluding myself about the impact long term of breathing this air on my child and my own health.

When you get right down to it--clean air is a human basic human right. It can really get much more basic than that. Breathing. But I will not go down that road at the present moment because all that will come out will be vociferous remarks that would be highly critical of Hong Kong because of this air quality issue.

What good is culture, money, difference, experience...if you can't breathe?


Lunar New Year coming up! Hooray! I know I've been here awhile now because I think of this as the start of the real new year. Happy Year of the Snake!