Umbrella Revolution Wall 2014

Umbrella Revolution Wall 2014
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Build a Home for Christmas

Participate and help build a home. This is from our friends Maddy and Liam Fitzpatrick who live in Parkview. A helper in the building lost everything...

This is a superb Christmas gift to give someone who has everything--a little note saying that the gift given is a contribution here:

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Object to Developments in Mui Wo by December 18, Wed 2013 URGENT

I have listed this from a facebook post for Mui Wo to Tai O Families by Angharad Hampshire
Please note that this must be done by Wed December 18 2013
Please object to new developments in Mui Wo.

The government is planning three tower blocks. A 49m (16 storey) block of 160 HOS flats on Ngan Kwong Wan Road Estate (between Regent Villa and the existing public housing at Ngan Wan Estate - behind post office). Two 55 m (18 storey) blocks of 460 HOS flats on a site known as Ngan Kwong Wan Road West Estate (next to Mui Wo Fire Station and overlooking the fishponds and wetland off the west of Ngan Kwong Wan Road), plus rezoning
the Fishpond area from GIC (Sports Stadium). The deadline to complain is next Wed 18th December. I was told only this week that building works will start next summer so PLEASE OBJECT NOW (details of how below).

If the proposals are implemented, the total population of Mui Wo will expand by about 2,000 in a very short period of time. This represents a 40% increase on the existing 5,000 population virtually overnight, placing enormous strain on transport, parking, schooling, and all public facilities.

Further, no assessments have been carried out on either the likely demand for HOS flats from the demographic in question given the inconvenient location given the high cost of transport to work and school or the economic and environmental impact on Mui Wo.

The scale of the buildings is out of keeping with all current planning guidelines for Mui Wo (low and medium density housing), and the towers blocks will be visually highly intrusive, dwarfing all existing buildings and breaching the ridgeline, as well as adding significant light pollution at night.

The Living Islands MOvement also believe the fishpond area zoning should revert to recreation in line with the surrounding area, to avoid the suspicion that further development of the remaining wetland area is on the agenda. Now is the ideal time to revisit planning intentions for Mui Wo’s remaining wetland area.

If you agree please send in your objection to the Town Planning Board via their website.

Then look down for “Mui Wo Fringe - S/I-MWF/9” and click on “Make Representation”

A suggested response might be:

“I object to this application, Mui Wo Fringe - S/I-MWF/9, due to there being no meaningful information provided to the community or a public consultation or even an exhibition of plans for Mui Wo.”

Please also demand a public consultation exhibition of plans for Mui Wo in your representation.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Village Property and Food Chain Truths

1. If you buy property in a Hong Kong village, understand that even though tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars have been exchanged, the mentality among the vast majority of people who have resided in the village is that you, a sort of perceived of interloper, do not really own your property.

2. While you may not think that it is such a good idea to bury plastic waste, have septic dumped into stream, set fire to chemicals sprayed on weeds, and throw refrigerators into open spots, understand that this will never change. Understand that even if you call the authorities and they bring in a fire truck to avert disaster, it will happen again. Try not to think about it too much.

3. Understand the East-West hierarchy. Know your position. NOTE I did not include language skills. This can affect social order to some degree. In any event, it goes like this:

Chinese male with money and lineage

Chinese male with money

Chinese male with lineage

Chinese male no money

Chinese female money and lineage (at times can overtake Chinese male with lineage, but not always--her position in flux dependent on if she is partnered with non-Chinese male)

White male with money (specifically European origin--otherwise would potentially include African descent males or South Asian males) At times White male with money can overtake Chinese female with money and lineage. If Chinese female is married to white male with money however, this is cause of upset from Chinese male with lineage no money and Chinese male no money. Also Chinese female usually lower than white female on totem pole in eyes of white males unless said white males are married to Chinese females.

Chinese female lineage no money

White female with money--okay, here it gets tricky. If white female and married to Chinese male, she may possibly ascend the hierarchy a bit, if Chinese male has money/lineage. She may even overtake White male position.

Also, to further complicate matters, both Chinese female and white female assume mutual superiority over each other. This does no good to either party and leaves both in a position of supplication to males of both Chinese and European extraction...

 Moving ever downward...

White male no money

White female no money. Note how I do not mention lineage with non Chinese--this has little bearing in HK unless of royal/titled background.

East Asian male non-Chinese money

OK, here is where it gets tricky. This person can ascend social scale, definitely above white male no money and even potentially above white male with money, if not Japanese and not South Asian or Southeast Asian. UNLESS Southeast Asian, South Asian and fair skinned and/or married to European extraction person. In this case, individual ascends, but cannot go above European female extraction with money.

East Asian male non-Chinese no money

East Asian female non-Chinese money

East Asian female non-Chinese no money

East Asian female no money

UHMMMMMM....yeah, no wonder why life can really be a drag.....I cannot get any further as I think I am lower on the village food chain...I also cannot discuss the mixed ethnicity factor as this can also put the hierarchy into question--AGAIN dependent on the nature of the mix.

And for more sociology of Mui Wo...stay tuned...