Umbrella Revolution Wall 2014

Umbrella Revolution Wall 2014
Admiralty, Umbrella Revolution 2014

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lantau Writing Workshop

Lantau Writing Workshop  (JUNE 2014)

Creative Writing Workshop (2 hours per session/4 weekly sessions 1360HKD total)
Hours to be arranged.
This workshop is open to all levels and will focus on basic narrative technique, style, and voice. I provide all material, and will use multiple genres to teach (non fiction, fiction, poetry). Each week there will be in-class writing exercises and optional writing assignments.

Literature Class (One 2 hour session; last week of June; 200HKD per meeting)
Hours to be arranged.
This discussion-based class will meet the last week of the month for two hours. We will alternate between canonical (Greatest Hits) literary classics and contemporary favorites. You must read the material prior to coming to class. This class can be attended on an as-you-go basis. No exams and no writing.
Meeting #1 Pride and Prejudice  — Jane Austen
Meeting #2 Persepolis — Marjorie Satrapi
Meeting #3 Mrs. Dalloway  — Virginia Woolf
Meeting #4  Bel Canto — Ann Patchett
Please provide your email address if you would like to register and/or be included on the mailing list.
Location: 7A Sun Lung Wai Village, Mui Wo
If you have further queries please email me at