Umbrella Revolution Wall 2014

Umbrella Revolution Wall 2014
Admiralty, Umbrella Revolution 2014

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Umbrella Revolution 2014

I have been a sporadic blogger for a few years now, but have posted most of my 2014 Umbrella Revolution images, texts, and info on my Facebook account. I deliberately opened up my privacy settings as I am receiving material from people around the city, and I would like people overseas to see the images of Hong Kong during this very important time in history. To that end, feel free to look at my FB page because I understand that information about this subject is limited overseas. Check out Stephanie Han if you want some info about the Umbrella Revolution.

I have been greatly moved by the demonstration here. The last time I saw HK people rise up like this was the 2003 march protesting Basic Law. But this is on a much more urgent, grand, and dramatic scale. The incredible desire for peace, a wish to emulate the best that humanity can offer, respect for the environment, a belief in dreams --- all of this emanates from these protests and should give the world hope that beauty is possible, if only we can all strive as a collective for a future world predicated on ideals we should always try to attain.

There is much at stake here, and I feel it is indicative of a larger sense of social injustice and desire for democracy that is spreading throughout the world. With China looming across the border, the Hong Kong people were very brave to begin these very open and peaceful demonstrations.

I also feel that it is time to officially close up this blog for now.  Stay tuned as I may very well indeed launch another, but this period of my life in Hong Kong has come to a close now--and a new one has begun.

Thank you for reading. Please support the students and all of those who strive to better this corner of the world. The people of Hong Kong have exhibited incredible bravery and hope--they have been willing to lay down their lives for democracy. Let us respect this and try to support their dreams and embrace them too as our own. Our future depends on it.

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